iriver Story HD e-reader integrates with Google ebooks

The iriver Story HD e-reader is now integrated with Google eBooks. As with Amazon’s Kindle you can now buy and read Google eBooks over Wi-Fi.

iriver Story HD

iriver Story HD

The iriver Story HD is a thin, lightweight reader with a high-resolution e-ink screen and a QWERTY keyboard. The device allows you access to a few hundred thousand Google eBooks for sale and 3 million + for free. Apart from browsing, buying and reading Google eBooks through Wi-Fi, you can store your ebooks in the cloud and access them there with your computer, mobile phone, tablet or e-reader.

The iriver Story HD retails for $139.99 at

PS Definitely more pleasing to the eye than the Kindle.

Duke of Humphrey’s Library, Bodleian, Oxford University

“Oxford’s libraries are among the most celebrated in the world, not only for their incomparable collections of
books and manuscripts, but also for their buildings, some of which have remained in continuous use since the Middle Ages. Among them the Bodleian, the chief among the University’s libraries, has a special place.”

Illustrated history of the library

Divinity School and Duke Humphrey's Library, Oxford

Divinity School and Duke Humphrey's Library, Oxford

(photo Chris Walton)

British Library teams up with Google

One of the world’s biggest collections of historic books, pamphlets and periodicals is to be made available on the internet.

The British Library has reached a deal with search engine Google about 250,000 texts dating from between 1700 and 1870.

It will eventually allow readers to view, search and copy the out-of-copyright works at no charge on both the library and Google books websites.

The project will take some years to complete and Google will cover the costs.

First Afrikaans e-Book

The first foray into the Afrikaans language e-Book market leaves much to be desired.

10 Jaar van Afrikaanse GrappeAfrikaans is a Germanic language spoken in Southern Africa. The language is related to Dutch and in it’s development borrowed from languages such as Malay, Portuguese, French, German and African languages from the south-eastern zone of Bantu languages.

10 Jaar van Afrikaanse Grappe was made available in December 2010 and to date the downloads have yet to show any promise. There is a fair amount of hype around the book so one might expect to see this reflected in sales.

All hope is not lost as the marketing campaigns are rolling out slowly in order to test the effectiveness of each one.

Lucky that the book was backed up by a traditional print copy. A bookseller picked it up the first week and sales are going well.

The book is available from QVRP as a download (PDF) for a discounted $8.

If you are outside South Africa and would like to buy a print copy, please contact Quintus at

For more information about the book please visit 10 Jaar van Afrikaanse Grappe
(in Afrikaans).