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Google Reader now in real time

Google Reader now publishes feeds in real time. This means posts appear in Google Reader as soon as they go live on a site. These real-time updates will however only work for PubSubHubbub-enabled blogs.

Every blog on Blogger and Posterous supports PubSubHubbub. If you want to enable PubSubHubbub on a WordPress blog you need to install the PubSubHubbub plugin.

If you use Feedburner to publish your RSS feeds, you can turn on Google’s PingShot service and sent out PubSubHubbub announcements in real time.


XML Error in blogging applications

I was trying to implement the Adgator code for a Blogger blog and my efforts was frustrated by the infernal XML error *message: The reference to entity “whatever” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.

The solution was (eventually) fairly simple – isn’t it always.

Look for & in the code.

Change every instance of & to & a m p ;
This should work in WordPress and most other blog applications as well.

In the case of Blogger / Blogspot blogs this was used successfully in the theme file HTML. This was also reported to work in a Blogger post.

For Adgator users I suggest using the WordPress Code for your blogs. You will find a link to this code on the bottom of your “Get Ad Codes”-page.

*whatever can of course be anything in your case.