Michael Jordan comes around to Jimmy Fallon

I’ve been doing some reading on proximity operators which brought me to the question: Is there any proximity operators left in Google. The results I got seems to indicate that the old and little publicized AROUND operator is alive and well in Google.

Jimmy Fallon Variations in the use of the operator seems to deliver legitimate results, but that is just the way the current Google algorithms respond; only one is spot on.

For my example I used to current trending figures Jimmy Fallon and Michael Jordan.

Jimmy Fallon Michael Jordan
This search delivers basic results, with the Late Night interview of Jimmy Fallon with Kristen Wiig impersonating Michael Jordan at the top. The same basic results features for
Jimmy Fallon around Michael Jordan

Jimmy Fallon around(2) Michael Jordan
This search does not have the desired effect of placing the two names within two words of each other, nor does
Jimmy Fallon AROUND(2) Michael Jordan

Our only spot on query goes to
“Jimmy Fallon” AROUND(2) “Michael Jordan”

Interesting that the results also hint at
Jimmy AROUND(2) “Michael Jordan”
“Michael Jordan” AROUND(2) Jimmy
being equal to
“Jimmy Fallon” AROUND(2) “Michael Jordan”

The same is not true for
"Jimmy Fallon" AROUND(2) Michael
Michael AROUND(2) “Jimmy Fallon”

Seems like Jimmy is the man.

Forget about using the NEAR operator; a very popular operator in databases. Results may come close, but again, that is just the way the current Google algorithm responds. The results are very similar to using AROUND in lowercase.

These results were obtained using Chrome on a Windows OS and only considering first page SERPS. My apologies if the explanation seems unclear to novices, it was written for people with a general interest in Search, but I am always willing to answer questions on the topic.

Author: Quintus van Rensburg
Photo: Carniolus

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