Google Reader now in real time

Google Reader now publishes feeds in real time. This means posts appear in Google Reader as soon as they go live on a site. These real-time updates will however only work for PubSubHubbub-enabled blogs.

Every blog on Blogger and Posterous supports PubSubHubbub. If you want to enable PubSubHubbub on a WordPress blog you need to install the PubSubHubbub plugin.

If you use Feedburner to publish your RSS feeds, you can turn on Google’s PingShot service and sent out PubSubHubbub announcements in real time.

Google now scanning RSS

Google launched a new feature yesterday which enables the search engine to scan RSS and Atom feeds for the discovery of new webpages.

RSS/Atom feeds is a mechanism for content publication and allow readers to easely check for new content from publishers. By scanning these feeds Google will get new pages into their index more quickly than traditional crawling methods.

Adding feeds to current crawling techniques might lead to content being indexed faster.

(source: Google Webmaster Central Blog)